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Your next step in the campaign for disabled people's equality05-Jun-2009

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To launch Time to Get Equal Week 2009 (8-14 June 2009), we are asking people to do something, however small, to support disabled people's equality. By pledging to play your part, you'll be joining a mass movement of people who are campaigning to make the world a fairer place. To help build an equal society, can you pledge to do something if someone is being treated unfairly? Could you raise awareness of the importance of access by asking people some simple questions? In a poll on the Time to Get Equal website, over 70% of voters said they have witnessed disablism (discrimination against disabled people). You can help. For example, if you hear someone in a shop or restaurant talking to a disabled person in a patronising or unpleasant way, fill in a comment card to let them know what you think of their service. The next time you come across a website that has no accessibility options, why not send an email to the company and ask why access is not important to them? To pledge to do something, however small, simply fill out the short online form and join the campaign. Please make your pledge now at PS. Once you have made your pledge online you can do something quick and easy to raise awareness straight away by forwarding this to your friends

Author: the tortoise

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