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Make your Nature count05-Jun-2009

Published for:RSPB

Basically, we'd like you to tell us what crawls, hops, flutters and flies in your garden this summer! To take part, simply spend one hour during the week of 8-14 June, counting the birds and any other wildlife that visit your garden, and record the highest number of each species you see at any one time. Here's how to take part in 3 easy steps: *Count the birds in your garden for one hour during the week of 8-14 June. *Record the highest number of each species you see at any one time. *Here's a handy recording sheet for you to download and print. Visit this link, submit your results and tell us about the other wildlife that visits your garden! Please copy and paste the link above. NB. Only record the birds that land in your garden - not those flying over (with the exception of swift and house martin as these are most likely to be seen in flight). Even if you don't see any wildlife during your hour, please let us know and answer the other questions - it's still valuable information. Good luck and thank you for your support

Author: the tortoise

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