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Tigers4Ever has achieved a 94% Reduction in wild Tiger Poaching Cases in 2 years12-Jul-2017

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In July 2015, Tigers4Ever launched a first of its kind Buffer Zone Anti-Poaching Patrol around Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh, India. We were acting because 14 tigers had been snared or poisoned in the previous 2 years in the buffer forests where around 90-95% of all poaching or poisoning incidents occur. 14 tigers was almost 22% of the adult tiger population in Bandhavgarh so something had to be done. Our Patrollers don't just look for snares and traps, they educate the villagers and miscreants they encounter in the forests by telling them about the impact their activities will have, and by giving them key safety advice to protect themselves and their livestock from attacks by leopards and tigers. Tiger numbers have stabilised and are now increasing again in Bandhavgarh with 20 new cubs of under 4 months old also in the population. The heavy monsoon rains came early again this year with the first thunderstorms at the end of May. Although this brings much needed water to a landscape which has been scorched by the blazing sun for almost 4 months, it also brings an unwanted increase in poaching activity. In fact the monsoon is peak Tiger poaching season in Bandhavgarh. Tigers4Ever has been asked to double its patrolling to address this increase but we cannot do so without some much needed funds. Patrolling at the current level costs Tigers4Ever £720 per month but to double the patrols we need to raise a further £720 on top of this, meaning that £1440 per month will be required each month until October 2017. Tigers4Ever has joined forces with Wildcrowd, a UK based not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping to fundraise for projects like ours. For the next 55 days we will be working together to try to raise sufficient funds to provide extra protection for the 20 tiny cubs and their adult counterparts. If you feel that you can help, please visit our website and donate if you can. Every little helps. Thank you for your support.

Author: Corinne Taylor-Smith

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