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2016 - The Year of the Otter04-Feb-2016

Published for:International Otter Survival Fund

IOSF has declared 2016 to be the Year of the Otter and we want as many people as possible to be involved; and so we are also launching our Special Appeal for 2016 ? we want to raise £5,000 for each species of otter ? a total of £65,000. Please do help us. We all know that otters are special animals - not only are they wonderful animals to watch but they are great indicators to a healthy environment. And yet they are being exploited for commercial gain and in some places hunted almost to extinction. Their habitat is being destroyed and fish stocks depleted. And they are being killed on our roads. But the biggest problem facing otters today is LACK OF AWARENESS and that is what this special year is aiming to address. We want everyone to get involved spreading the word about the importance of otters and helping to raise funds to support projects. We are always looking for help and suggestions so do contact us at TOGETHER WE CAN BECOME A VERY LOUD VOICE TO MAKE PEOPLE LISTEN AND TAKE NOTICE

Author: Helen Stephenson

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