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Why the Ash Tree has black buds22-Nov-2012

Published for:Woodland Trust

The ash tree has such an inviting shade that we often choose to sit beneath it. In this wonderfully written story by William Fiennes you will hear all about its hopes and dreams and its uniquely black buds. If you do fall instantly for its charm as we did you will be saddened by its plight - this common native tree could be all but wiped out in the UK due to a tree disease that has arrived here from Europe - ash die back (Chalara Fraxinea). Not only could we lose this tree but the loss of 80 million ash trees will have a devastating impact on our wildlife and the landscape. Download the kindle edition of this beautiful short story at Amazon for £1.53 and read all about this literary tree before it is all but lost to the UK. £1 from the sale of each book goes directly to the Woodland Trust and the fight against tree disease.

Author: Joanne Watson

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