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6th Invest in ME International ME/CFS Conference 2011 DVD26-Aug-2011

Published for:Invest in ME

The 6th International ME/CFS Conference 2011 took place on 20th May 2011 in Westminster, London. and was attended by presenters and delegates from 20 countries and four continents. The conference is organised in the ME Awareness Month of May and this year we tried as best we could, using our limited funds, to arrange as many opportunities as possible based around the conference ? a focal point to promote ME awareness, change perceptions of ME and display the biomedical research into ME. This year we also created a special awareness campaign to raise awareness of ME. Our Burst Our Bubble poster was distributed around the UK to support groups, healthcare organisations, libraries and GP surgeries. Our Burst Our Bubble campaign is was meant to raise awareness of ME. The conference DVD may be ordered via this link -

Author: Kathleen McCall

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