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Fundraise for Spinal Track

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Every donation helps Spinal Track - what can they do with these funds?

Thank you so much for your kind donation! Spinal Track is a charity and relies on kind donations to keep it running. The costs involved in supplying these experiences are not cheap and in order to allow us to have the ability to help our beneficiaries, we need your help! Whatever size donation you can make will be greatly appreciated and 100% of it will go to providing driving experiences. Here’s some of the costs associated with running our experience days, and what a donation can cover to help: £50 – a rally tyre (each tyre will last two days) £75 – fuel for one day at Silverstone £100 – insurance cover for the track experience £125 – a car service (undertaken after every track experience) £175 – Front brake pads £250 – 2x track tyres (these will last 7 experiences) £400 – track day entry cost £500 – 4x track tyres £1000 – the cost of running a track day

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