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About C.H.A.O.S.

C.H.A.O.S. is a local charity, staffed by passionate volunteers and funded solely by their fundraising efforts. It gives around 100 children each year the opportunity to truly be children for a week where they otherwise simply would not be able. Our camps provide our children with a safe, nurturing, learning, loving and most importantly, FUN environment where they can just be kids. They learn a great deal about a new environment, team work and how to look after each other through team games, nature walks, camping, and beach activities. Many for the first time in their lives! The joy that this charity brings to their lives is absolutely invaluable in terms of the confidence it brings the children, the break it allows them from the daily hardships of their lives, and the break that their families can have over the summer from their youngsters.

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AnonymousEveryclick Search£31.44Every search raises money
AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.70I am shopping on eBay and raising money
AnonymousGive as you Live£3.85I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
Jonathan BonnickEveryclick Search£0.44I am shopping on eBay and raising money
joe jarmeyGive as you Live£2.05I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
susan ludlowGive as you Live£0.20I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
Will ThoresbyGive as you Live£38.03I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
kevin wrightEveryclick Search£3.28I am shopping on eBay and raising money
kevin wrightGive as you Live£0.50I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
RJarmeyGive as you Live£2.12I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
T.ZulfikarGive as you Live£6.65I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
Lucy Lee-Tirrelldonation23-Feb-2018£500.00£125.00In Memory of Jas Dawson
Valerie Haynesdonation06-Feb-2018£50.00£12.50
najdonation09-Jan-2018£70.00£17.50GO CHAOS!
Mark Dellardonation22-Dec-2017£100.00Sponsored Reverse Movember. Thanks to all.
Tony Haydonation19-Dec-2017£25.00re Mark Dellar
Deborah Delindonation17-Dec-2017£10.00
Zoe Hostydonation16-Dec-2017£20.00
Bill Smithdonation16-Dec-2017£10.00£2.50Well done fella good on ya!
Pat McInerneydonation11-Dec-2017£10.00£2.50
Paul Richardsondonation29-Nov-2017£340.00£85.00
Mark Finburghdonation14-Nov-2017£250.00£62.50Well done CHAOS
Val Haynesdonation01-Nov-2017£130.00£32.50
Gina Mdonation01-Nov-2017£200.00£50.00Keep up the fab work guys!!
Peter Moynihandonation22-Sep-2017£100.00£25.00
Jacki Halldonation23-Aug-2017£500.00£125.00The kids enjoy so much as do your volunteers.
Naeem Khaliddonation04-Aug-2017£100.00£25.00
Valerie Haynesdonation23-Jul-2017£150.00£37.50Good luck with the camp

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