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Mark Cunningham

Target: £400.00



Start Date: 05-Sep-2011

End Date: 05-Sep-2012

About my fundraising

So this is where some of the superheroes of M.E. are - those men who decided to be brave enough to launch their own calender to stand up and be counted that men get M.E. too, while raising awareness and funds to help establish the first UK centre for biomedical research and treatment for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E. aka CFS) and giving us a chuckle or two along the way.

There are around 250,000 sufferers of M.E. in the UK with about 25% classified as severely affected, ie bed/house-bound. Each of our calender men is a member of a family who are also affected by his having M.E. This illness can have a devastating effect on someone's life, and have a negative effect on their relationship with their family and friends.

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WelbyGive as you Live£0.02I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
supernoodleGive as you Live£1.13I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
rach s-bEveryclick Search£2.01Every search raises money
rach s-bdonation21-Apr-2012£5.00Rach S-B
AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.04Every search raises money
rach s-bdonation19-Mar-2012£10.00donation on behalf of Rebecca Green
Sara Carneydonation17-Mar-2012£5.00Here's a bid to help persuade Mr March to bare all on FB!
rach s-bdonation17-Mar-2012£5.00£1.25
rach s-bdonation17-Mar-2012£5.00Bid for Mr March to upload pic for st patricks day/motherday
WelbyEveryclick Search£0.06Every search raises money
Ruthdonation11-Nov-2011£10.00Calendar is great, well done to all of you
nikki nicedonation30-Oct-2011£5.00you're doing an amazing job mark well done x
Paul Kayesdonation29-Oct-2011£10.00£2.50Well done Mark and the guys !!
rach s-bdonation28-Oct-2011£20.00Here's another donation for this great cause
Captain Jackdonation28-Oct-2011£5.00£1.25Sorry it can't be more Mark.
Jan Laverickdonation28-Oct-2011£5.00Much respect to the lads & everyone involved.
RuthEveryclick Search£0.01Every search raises money
jane mcfaddendonation13-Sep-2011£5.00£1.25
Anonymousdonation12-Sep-2011£5.00Good on yersel, Big Man!
anonymousdonation12-Sep-2011£5.00Go on yersel Big Man!
rach s-bdonation08-Sep-2011£25.00Lets here it for the ME boys. good luck.
Michelle Nixdonation08-Sep-2011£10.00£2.50Wahay the lads.....
Denise Bessantdonation08-Sep-2011£5.00£1.25Looking good foe M.E.
Barbara Kelldonation07-Sep-2011£20.00£5.00Thank you our hero calender men.
Isobel Alexanderdonation07-Sep-2011£15.00Great idea, hope it raises lots of cash.
Dorothy Murraydonation06-Sep-2011£10.00THANKS LADS - something to look forward to
Sarah Lawrydonation06-Sep-2011£20.00I'd better not leave a comment...
Marilyndonation05-Sep-2011£10.00£2.50Good for you boys, but keep your hat on!
Ruthdonation05-Sep-2011£20.00Well done you calendar guys!

My fundraising page is raising money for Invest In Me Research

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