16 Countries in 7 days - Euro Tour Challenge

Paul Duce

Target: £3,000.00



Start Date: 30-Dec-2014

End Date: 31-Dec-2015

Event Date: 01-Jun-2015

About my fundraising

Welcome to my donation page. My name is Paul and I am the Hoodad of Jess, who in turn is a signed up member of the #BTPosse.

Now I am a keen motorcyclist and a qualified IAM advanced rider. While I do lots of loony challenges in aid of lots of other charities, I thought I would do this one in aid of the BTW who I believe are a very worthy cause and obviously one which is close to our hearts.

Now this challenge took place during the first week of June 2015, and the clock started when I got off the ferry in Belgium on June 1st. I visited 16 countries in 7 days. I visited some of the countries more than once as I passed through. So my route was:- England, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Italy, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Holland, Belgium and back to England. A road distance of 2217 miles. I reported back via social media so all those who donated could see progress..

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Rooney the Dog #BTPossedonation10-Aug-2015£5.00£1.25Can I have pin please?
Rooney the Dog #BTPossedonation10-Aug-2015£5.00£1.25Can I have pin please?
Sheila Meadowsdonation26-Jul-2015£15.00£3.75Hi, can I have another BT Posse badge please xx
Amanda and Teddonation18-Jul-2015£5.00£1.25Well done Paul and both Jess's!
Magnus & Parkerdonation17-Jul-2015£20.00£5.00Yay! Takes us over £4600
Anonymousdonation16-Jul-2015£10.00£2.50great work!
Anne Angelldonation14-Jul-2015£5.00£1.25Brilliant amount raised, congratulations!
Sarah Steeldonation14-Jul-2015£15.00£3.75Good luck!
Stan the man.......and the purse holder Jeanettedonation14-Jul-2015£5.00£1.25Good job well done!
Trishadonation14-Jul-2015£5.00Any BT helped is a job well done.
Jo Leighton and Callie the BTdonation14-Jul-2015£15.00£3.75Go Mini Jess, you are doing a wonderful job x
Hil Mooredonation13-Jul-2015£15.00£3.75You're doing a great job Paul!!
Busterdonation13-Jul-2015£5.00Well done boy.
Susan Raynerdonation26-Jun-2015£15.00Well done Paul!!
Ian Campbelldonation26-Jun-2015£5.00£1.25Bikes and BTs what could be better
Chris Sewarddonation25-Jun-2015£25.00£6.25Bring Mini Jess home safe & sound & make sure he wears his helmet
Theresadonation24-Jun-2015£25.00£6.25Barkingly good work! From Ned the Border Terrier
Painting paws aka:Haylesdonation24-Jun-2015£10.00£2.50Such a brilliant cause our lovely bts ❤️
Otterkin Border Terriersdonation23-Jun-2015£10.00£2.50Great job. Thank you for all you are doing.
Lorna Smithdonation20-Jun-2015£15.00£3.75Best Dogs in the World!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lorna xx
Helen + Freddie, Phoebe & Rosiedonation20-Jun-2015£10.00£2.50
Anne Angelldonation19-Jun-2015£5.00£1.25You are doing a wonderful job, best wishes!
The Twigletdonation18-Jun-2015£10.00£2.50Go.......!
Dougal the BT #BTPOSSEdonation17-Jun-2015£10.00£2.50Good luck & well done! 🐾
H & Kdonation16-Jun-2015£50.00£12.50For the BTs x
Teresa Bealldonation16-Jun-2015£10.00£2.50go Jess and Paul!!!!
Glynne Woolleydonation16-Jun-2015£25.00

My fundraising page is raising money for Border Terrier Welfare

About this charity

Rescue,care, re-homing, and assistance to, and for, Border Terriers in need.

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