Cardiff Half Marathon - October 2010

Becky Durbin

Target: £250.00



Start Date: 22-Sep-2010

End Date: 01-Dec-2010

Event Date: 17-Oct-2010

About my fundraising

On Sunday 17th October, by 11am, I will have run 13 miles and completed my first half marathon. This in the general idea and an eventuality that 24 days before the race, seems more and more unachievable. 13 weeks of training, sounds like a lot, but add into the equation a drunken 4 days of festival, several birthday celebrations, 3 weeks of holiday...running 13 miles isnt going to be a walk in the park. Primarily, I aim to complete the race, without scenes reminiscent of Simon Pegg in run fat boy run. But my ultimate goal is to complete the run in under 2.5 hours. I have decide to race to raise money for the National Youth Music Theatre - an organisation that i have been given numerous incredible oppurtunities for and are always in need of money to create bigger and better oppurunities for young people interested in the arts. Every little helps! and it will really give me the incentive to drag my feet on in front of the other on that last mile....

Thank you!

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Will Durbindonation01-Dec-2010£5.00You are my favourite sister
Emme Willcocksdonation30-Nov-2010£5.00£1.40Well run witchy mother xx
Eddonation23-Nov-2010£5.00£1.40Better late than never...
mutti durbindonation22-Nov-2010£50.00£14.00lets get this to the target sum before Dec.1st !
Mike Spoonerdonation18-Oct-2010£10.00£2.80
anonymous (im joking, clynch)donation18-Oct-2010£5.01£1.40WELL DONE!!!
John Shortdonation16-Oct-2010£10.00£2.80Good luck - wishing you well but can it be a marathon next
Nina Perrydonation14-Oct-2010£10.00£2.80hope the sun shines!
Veebsdonation13-Oct-2010£8.00£2.24Always proud but never more so than now..
Adnan Haqqudanzodonation11-Oct-2010£10.00£2.80Go get em' Eva
Clovisdonation11-Oct-2010£15.0013 miles is a long long way...
Rupert CMdonation11-Oct-2010£5.00This is the most musical footwork since Cabaret.
Grandmadonation10-Oct-2010£10.00£2.80Take Glucose!
Knitting Grandmadonation10-Oct-2010£10.00I'm chasing Gdad John
Ken Perrydonation10-Oct-2010£10.00£2.80I'll try to keep up with G'dad John
Emilie Painedonation04-Oct-2010£5.00£1.40Good work taking one for the muso team, Becks!
Grandad Durbindonation03-Oct-2010£10.00I'll run the first 10 miles with you!
Alison Durbindonation02-Oct-2010£50.00£14.00Go for it !

My fundraising page is raising money for National Youth Music Theatre

About this charity

Established in 1976, the National Youth Music Theatre represents the very best in work with young ...more

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