Rebuilding homes in Balochistan

Javed Iqbal

Target: £5,000.00



Start Date: 14-Nov-2013

End Date: 09-Apr-2014

About my fundraising

WISE Welfare are working to rebuild homes in the earthquake-hit area of Balochistan in Pakistan. Many homes have been destroyed after the earthquake in September 2013, and people are still living out in the open. Over 300,000 people have been impacted by the earthquake. One of our volunteers is travelling to the area in January insha'Allah in order to build homes for those affected by the earthquake. You can help by donating towards the rebuilding of homes. Each home costs £500. Please donate today.

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Anonymousdonation01-Jan-2015£250.00£62.50Mashaa'Allah Keep up the good work.
JavedEveryclick Search£0.26Every search raises money
Anonymousdonation19-Mar-2014£100.00Zakah - drought tharparkar
Anonymousdonation18-Mar-2014£50.00£12.50half drought, half balochistan
Anonymousdonation18-Mar-2014£50.00£12.50Zakah - drought tharparkar
Anonymousdonation09-Mar-2014£25.00£6.25May ALLAH reward you for all your efforts

My fundraising page is raising money for WISE (Welfare)

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WISE (Wycombe Islamic Society) provides services to the Muslim community and information on Islam ...more

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