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Michele Auborn

Target: £75.00



Start Date: 10-Jan-2011

End Date: 10-Jan-2012

About my fundraising

My new year resolution was a simple one - I resolve to do all my research and eBay wants list checking through everyclick forthwith. It should be fairly simple, looking at last years stats, for me to raise a pound a week by doing this. But I secretly hope to raise double this. Whether I will make it I will only find out as the year progresses. I ask not for pledges, just for everyone who reads this to pick a cause and do the same. If everyone who checked their eBay wants list through eBay checked it through everyclick instead then just think what we could all raise for whatever charity we are currently supporting. And best wishes to every single one of you reading this, or needing support.

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Michele AubornEveryclick Search£5.88I am shopping on eBay and raising money
Michele AubornEveryclick Search£62.10Every search raises money

My fundraising page is raising money for Help for Heroes

About this charity

Thanks to the amazing British public, Help for Heroes (H4H) has raised over £135 million since Oct...more

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