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About Arts Centre Group

Arts Centre Group brings together Christians who are working professionally in the field of the arts. We aim to support, encourage, inspire and mentor each other as we seek to integrate our lives, faith and artistic endeavours.

Funds raised may be used to ...

Funds raised will go to support our general work amongst christian artists of all disciplines as well as our mentoring scheme which is aimed at christians seeking to establish themselves as professional artists and our special project Art Action UK, supporting artists affected by the nuclear disaster in Japan.

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Rosemary BirdEveryclick Search£10.73Every search raises money
Rosemary BirdGive as you Live£70.55I shop with my favourite brands and raise money
AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.55Every search raises money
Art Action UK Project 2018donation15-Jul-2017£8.00今後益々アートアクションUKが実り豊かに発展していきますように!
Art Action UK Project 2018donation03-Jul-2017£37.00Fund Raised at Brockley Open Studios
Art Action UK Project 2018donation16-Jun-2017£10.50
Art Action UK Residency Projectdonation27-Jan-2017£67.05£16.76Thank you for donating at APT, Conversation with Art
Art Action UK Residency Projectdonation03-Jan-2017£200.00£50.00Looking forward to our residency 2017.
Art Action UK Residency Projectdonation09-Dec-2016£20.00£5.00Thanks Kaori, all the best with the project!
Art Action UK Residency Projectdonation03-Dec-2016£27.05from Christmas market
Art Action UK Residency Projectdonation03-Dec-2016£8.00£2.00
Art Action UK Residency Projectdonation08-Oct-2016£25.00£6.25Wishing you all the best with this wonderful project.
Art Action UK Residency Projectdonation02-Aug-2016£140.00£35.00
Art Action UK Residency Projectdonation15-Jul-2016£40.00£10.00Thank you for J. Wiggins for her kind support!
Art Action UK Residency Projectdonation12-Jul-2016£53.40£13.35Thank you for donating at Brockley Open 2016
Art Action UK Residency Projectdonation01-Jun-2016£75.00£18.75
Art Action UK Residency Projectdonation29-May-2016£73.85£18.46
Art Action UK Residency Projectdonation24-May-2016£41.52Gifts raised at the Private View of 'Ain't Got Time to Die'
Art Action UK Residency Projectdonation21-May-2016£49.96£12.49Thank you everyone who attended the discussion event
Art Action UK Residency Projectdonation29-Apr-2016£34.10£8.52Launch event 29/04/16
Art Action UK Residency Projectdonation11-Apr-2016£100.00£25.00Thank you for everyone at Tochika event!
Art Action UK Residency Projectdonation17-Mar-2016£202.64£50.66Thank you for al who took part in Art & Action Event!
Art Action UK Residency Projectdonation14-Mar-2016£50.00£12.50Thank you the Art Tour
Art Action UK Residency Projectdonation05-Aug-2015£100.00£25.00Thank you for Mr. Nonomura for Donating at Aufheben Tokyo
Art Action UK Residency Projectdonation06-Jul-2015£42.85£10.71Thank you to everyone who donated!
Art Action UK Residency Projectdonation04-Jun-2015£21.17£5.29Thank you everyone who donated!
Art Action UK Residency Projectdonation24-Mar-2015£47.44£11.86screening of 'The Radiant'
Art Action UK Residency Projectdonation16-Mar-2015£233.00£58.25Thanks for donation through "Those Who Go East"
Art Action UK Residency Projectdonation16-Mar-2015£10.00
Art Action UK Residency Projectdonation15-Mar-2015£90.00£22.50Raised by screening event

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  • Art Action UK Project 2018

    Art Action UK has been working since 2011, after the Fukushima Fallout Disaster, to highlight the works of emerging artists who are seriously engage...

    Target: £2,500.00 Progress: £55.51

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