Art Action UK Residency Project

Kaori Homma

Target: £6,000.00



Start Date: 11-Mar-2013

End Date: 31-Dec-2016

Event Date: 03-May-2016

About my fundraising

Art Action UK is a catalyst. We want to create opportunities for cultural practitioners to develop strategies that will help those affected by disasters. These include participatory projects, exhibitions, talks and discussions. We feel it is important that the voices of those affected by disasters are not silenced. We actively engage with artists and curators who represent marginalised political concerns and facilitate spaces to explore both artistic and socio political interventions.

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Kaori Homma McLaughlindonation27-Jan-2017£67.05£16.76Thank you for donating at APT, Conversation with Art
Meryl Doneydonation03-Jan-2017£200.00£50.00Looking forward to our residency 2017.
Alex Lucas, Interfacedonation09-Dec-2016£20.00£5.00Thanks Kaori, all the best with the project!
Rika Nakashimadonation03-Dec-2016£27.05from Christmas market
Nicola Raedonation08-Oct-2016£25.00£6.25Wishing you all the best with this wonderful project.
K. McLaughlindonation02-Aug-2016£140.00£35.00
Anonymousdonation15-Jul-2016£40.00£10.00Thank you for J. Wiggins for her kind support!
Brockley Open 2016donation12-Jul-2016£53.40£13.35Thank you for donating at Brockley Open 2016
Maggie Learmonthdonation01-Jun-2016£75.00£18.75
Talk Event 28 Maydonation29-May-2016£73.85£18.46
Meryl Doneydonation24-May-2016£41.52Gifts raised at the Private View of 'Ain't Got Time to Die'
Make a break - Immediacy of art after Fukushimadonation21-May-2016£49.96£12.49Thank you everyone who attended the discussion event
Ken McLaughlindonation29-Apr-2016£34.10£8.52Launch event 29/04/16
Tochikadonation11-Apr-2016£100.00£25.00Thank you for everyone at Tochika event!
CSM foundation studentsdonation17-Mar-2016£202.64£50.66Thank you for al who took part in Art & Action Event!
Ms Mizoguchi and the art tour groupdonation14-Mar-2016£50.00£12.50Thank you the Art Tour
Kenzo Nonomuradonation05-Aug-2015£100.00£25.00Thank you for Mr. Nonomura for Donating at Aufheben Tokyo
Brockley Open Studio Fund Raiserdonation06-Jul-2015£42.85£10.71Thank you to everyone who donated!
Post card sales at the To Tell a (hi) Storydonation04-Jun-2015£21.17£5.29Thank you everyone who donated!
Art Action UKdonation24-Mar-2015£47.44£11.86screening of 'The Radiant'
Those Who Go Eastdonation16-Mar-2015£233.00£58.25Thanks for donation through "Those Who Go East"
Asher Fynndonation16-Mar-2015£10.00
MS. Uchima and Friendsdonation15-Mar-2015£90.00£22.50Raised by screening event
Kaori Mikata-Pralatdonation14-Mar-2015£10.00£2.50Let's keep in touch!
Meryl Doneydonation27-Jan-2015£200.00£50.00
Emily Artinian, Street Road Artists Spacedonation18-Dec-2014£500.00
Art Action Support for Japandonation13-Dec-2014£100.00£25.00Deptford X 2014 Value of Art
Brockley Xmas fund raiserdonation13-Dec-2014£80.00£20.00Thank you for everyone who consributed!

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