Andrew Grant Sky diving to help beat cancer

Andrew Grant

Target: £800.00



Start Date: 18-Jul-2017

End Date: 26-Aug-2017

Event Date: 26-Aug-2017

About my fundraising

Prevention is the best cure!, I always think of Cancer research UK when I see the devastation cancer does to people, but also why do we still have this horrible disease? . I lost my grandmother when she was only 42 years old to breast cancer, I also have two friends that are still bravely battling this horrible disease!. This charity has pioneered some great treatment and early detection technology and are looking to push the boundaries even further, so one day we will stop people having to go through this nightmare. Please dig deep even if its a couple of quid to help this great cause and In return you will see me fall out of a perfectly good plane at a height of 10,000 ft and at a speed of 120 mph , if I raise my target of £800 you will get great pleasure in seeing the sheer terror on my face as I fall!. Thank you for all of your support and lets beat this disease together. A portion of the sponsorship raised may be used to pay for part of my jump cost. A minimum of 50% of what ...more more

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Bethan Rostrondonation26-Aug-2017£20.00£5.00Good luck Andy! from Mark and Bethan
Morgan Westdonation26-Aug-2017£10.00£2.50Good luck cow head. Great cause
Fuel birds friend !!!donation26-Aug-2017£10.00Good luck today
James Prescottdonation25-Aug-2017£20.00£5.00Good cause Andrew! Good luck mate
Peter Loderdonation25-Aug-2017£10.00£2.50
Top fuel bird !!!!!!!!donation25-Aug-2017£25.00There u go got u over your target good luck dude xx
Olly Westdonation25-Aug-2017£10.00£2.50Good luck Granty!
Pascal merildonation25-Aug-2017£5.00£1.25Good luck
Jacqueline Bellewdonation25-Aug-2017£20.00£5.00Well done Andrew. Safe landing Jac, Mark, Lee and Ry
Craig Taylordonation25-Aug-2017£20.00£5.00
Teddonation25-Aug-2017£10.00£2.50Good luck Granty! Moo.
Darren Greggdonation25-Aug-2017£10.00Soft landing buddy
Jennifer buncedonation25-Aug-2017£5.00£1.25
Anthony Colemandonation25-Aug-2017£5.00£1.25good luck Andy! wear a gopro and record it!!
David Goughdonation24-Aug-2017£10.00£2.50Have a good one
Tony halesdonation24-Aug-2017£20.00£5.00Have fun big man
Paul & Clare Cortendonation24-Aug-2017£20.00£5.00Good luck mate, a fabulous thing to do for a superb charity
Madkevdonation24-Aug-2017£25.00£6.25Just don't dive out headfirst or you will be going 240 mph!
Michael Normandonation24-Aug-2017£25.00£6.25Great cause best of luck
Caroline Robertsdonation24-Aug-2017£40.00£10.00Go for it Andy!!!
Della Richardsdonation23-Aug-2017£20.00£5.00Good luck!
Joseph Fullwooddonation23-Aug-2017£20.00£5.00Moooooo🐮
Burnzydonation22-Aug-2017£20.00£5.00All the best, enjoy!!!
Sue Leighdonation21-Aug-2017£20.00£5.00Good luck Andrew from The Leigh's xx
Debbie Garrettdonation18-Aug-2017£20.00£5.00Good luck Andy x
Owen Williamsdonation18-Aug-2017£10.00£2.50Better be a big parachute
Melanie Williamsdonation15-Aug-2017£10.00£2.50Good luck!
Bron and Daidonation15-Aug-2017£25.00£6.25Good luck Punky. We'll be there cheering you on.
Loudonation15-Aug-2017£5.00£1.25Good Luck xx

My fundraising page is raising money for UK Skydiving Adventures Ltd

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