Parachute jump for Carers Lewisham

Andrew Findlay

Target: £580.00



Start Date: 03-May-2016

End Date: 31-Jul-2016

Event Date: 14-Jul-2016

About my fundraising

Final update: this has now been completed. I kind of wish that I could say a bit more about the experience, but it was so unlike anything that I'd ever done before and my mind was so filled with trying to process everything that I can't really explain it at all, except for the fact that it was great fun, and it feels very good to have raised so much money for such a good cause. A huge thank you to everyone who donated, and you can find some photos of the jump here:

Update 02/06/16:

First of all, thank you to everyone who has donated so far, the support has been amazing. Unfortunately, today was not to be. Wind and low cloud conspired to keep me grounded for the day. I have re-booked the jump for the 14th of July, with the good news being that I now have the chance to raise even more money for this excellent cause. Fingers crossed that summer actually arrives in six weeks' time.

Original message:

I'm planning to try to defeat gravity us...more more

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SwiftBoyAdamsdonation15-Jul-2016£10.69£2.67Good effort, mate. Well done.
Cosdonation15-Jul-2016£10.00£2.50Late to the party but well done, dude!
Cazdonation14-Jul-2016£5.00£1.25Hope it's less windy for you today, have an amazing jump!
g.mandonation14-Jul-2016£25.00£6.25Best of luck mate!
Ewa and Chrisdonation12-Jul-2016£20.00£5.00Somewhere over the rainbow bluebirds fly...good luck Andy!
Gordon Freemandonation02-Jun-2016£10.00
Ian & Mariedonation02-Jun-2016£20.00£5.00Good luck tomorrow Andy !!
Paul Bdonation01-Jun-2016£10.00Good luck and don't look down :P
Vicki Bdonation31-May-2016£10.00£2.50Good luck Andy
Alex Padilhadonation31-May-2016£10.00£2.50Well done and enjoy!!!
Reubendonation31-May-2016£10.00£2.50Good luck mate!
Swingcleandonation31-May-2016£25.00£6.25I completed the game! Now to watch the tragic end sequence.
Shabsdonation31-May-2016£25.00Have fun Andrew. Although not too much as it's for charity.
Facewondonation31-May-2016£25.00Go you good thing.
Trottie Kirwandonation28-May-2016£30.00£7.50don't look down!
Brian Fisherdonation19-May-2016£50.00£12.50Good luck!
Your Daddydonation17-May-2016£25.00I'm not going to catch you this time.
Kazuodonation16-May-2016£10.00£2.50Gaun yersel
Sally Gdonation16-May-2016£10.00£2.50You're mad! Brilliant though
Rev R Simpsondonation15-May-2016£25.00£6.25Good luck mate.
Tin Robotdonation15-May-2016£25.00£6.25Good luck...
Aminatta Fornadonation15-May-2016£50.00£12.50Good luck!
Ramdonation13-May-2016£10.00£2.50have a good one.
Ru & Sarahdonation13-May-2016£20.00£5.00Good luck Andy although 'luck' is maybe not the right word!
Liv Divdonation12-May-2016£25.00£6.25Dont fuck it up
Badger McBearfacedonation12-May-2016£20.00£5.00
Cathy Collymoredonation12-May-2016£10.00£2.50Good luck brave person !

My fundraising page is raising money for Carers Lewisham

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We are a local independent charity in Lewisham which provides support to anyone who, unpaid, suppo...more

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