David Cheneler to run Paris Marathon to raise funds for CFS Research

Andrew Hanson

Target: £1,000.00



Start Date: 10-Feb-2012

End Date: 15-Apr-2012

Event Date: 15-Apr-2012

About my fundraising

*£70 donated via cheque, therefore running total is £70 higher than you can see here! We have reached the goal! A big thank you to everyone who has supported David!* On April 15th David is running the Paris marathon on behalf of the CFS Research Foundation, after being made aware of the debilitating effects of the illness by getting to know Andrew, his girlfriend's brother.

More research into Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is desperately needed. In fact there are very few conditions that affect so many people, so severely, that have had so little good quality research done. Although Andrew has made a great deal of progress over the past decade, CFS still dominates his life, and blights the lives of around two hundred thousand people in the UK.

The CFS Research Foundation is engaged in a study, "Meta analysis of gene expression data to discover diagnostic and mechanistic signatures in the peripheral blood of CFS patients". The first year of this study is funded, the second ...more more

My fundraising page is raising money for CFS Research Foundation

The charity is no longer active.
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