Our fees

We do not charge any set up or monthly fees.

  1. Credit/debit card donations - maximum 4.8% processing fee - paid monthly
  2. Gift Aid - 0% fee - paid monthly
  3. Give as you Live - 0% fee - paid quarterly
  4. Search Revenue - 0% fee - paid quarterly
  5. Incentives and other payments - 0% fee - paid quarterly

Fees table for credit and debit card payments

The below table compares our fees to two alternative providers, based on a £10 donation with a Visa debit card. Some fees may differ depending on the payment method.

 Everyclick DonateJustGivingVirgin
Setup feesNone£15 or £39 a month£100 plus VAT
Total fees£0.48 (1)£0.39 (2)£0.35 (3)
Donor can cover fees?YesNo (4)Yes
Gift Aid supplement£2.50£2.50£2.50
Without fees covered, your charity gets£12.02£11.98£12.15
With fees covered, your charity gets£12.50N/A£12.50

(1) Processing fee of 4.8 on donation, no fees on Gift Aid

(2) Transaction fee of 1.9% + 20p on donation, 5% fee on Gift Aid

(3) Transaction fee of 2% on donation, card-processing fee of 1.45% on donation, no fees on Gift Aid

(4) JustGiving allow donors to cover fees on donations to crowdfunding pages but not to charities.

Fees for Virgin Money Giving and JustGiving correct at time of writing (14 May 2019).

Complaints procedure

Should you have any complaint regarding any part of our service, including payment of your donation, disbursement to the charity, Gift Aid, your account and use of your personal data, then you should contact us. We can be contacted by email at hello@everyclick.com, or by post at Basepoint Business Centre, Crab Apple Way, Vale Business Park, Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 1GP.

Should we be unable to resolve your complaint, or you are unhappy with our offered resolution, then you have the right to complain to the Fundraising Regulator (regarding donations) or the Information Commissioner's Office (regarding information rights and privacy).

Refund policy

If you mistakenly enter an incorrect donation amount or repeat a donation, it is your responsibility to inform us in a timely manner. You can contact us at hello@everyclick.com or call +44(0) 800 883 8450.

Once contacted, we may make effort to achieve a refund however we cannot guarantee this and cannot be held liable for any bank fees you may be charged as a result of the donation(s).

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