Our fees

We do not charge any set up or monthly fees.

  1. Credit/debit card donations - maximum 4.8% fee including card fees - paid monthly
  2. Gift Aid - 0% fee - paid monthly
  3. Give as you Live - 0% fee - paid quarterly
  4. Search Revenue - 0% fee - paid quarterly
  5. Incentives and other payments - 0% fee - paid quarterly

Fees table for credit and debit card payments

The below table compares our fees to two alternative providers, based on a £10 donation with a Visa debit card. Some fees may differ depending on the payment method.

 Everyclick DonateVirginJustGiving
Setup feesNone£100 plus VAT£15 or £39 a month
Gift Aid supplement£2.50£2.50£2.50
Transaction + card fees£0.48 (1)£0.35 (2)£0.76 (3)
Donor can cover fees?NoYesYes
Your charity gets£12.02£12.15£11.74

(1) Transaction fee of 4.8 on donation, no fees on Gift Aid

(2) Transaction fee of 2% on donation, card-processing fee of 1.45% on donation, no fees on Gift Aid

(3) Transaction fee of 5% on donation and Gift Aid, card-processing fee of 1.25% on donation

Fees for Virgin Money Giving and JustGiving correct at time of writing (30 January 2019).