Abby's Half Marathon

Abby Kay

Target: £500.00



Start Date: 29-Apr-2016

End Date: 13-Jun-2016

Event Date: 29-May-2016

About my fundraising

I never thought I would be running a half marathon, however if there was ever a time to push myself in order to raise awareness and support for mental health issues it is now.

This is following the recent loss of my best friends brother Adam Bramwell who took his own life following a battle with mental health difficulties. Working in mental health is my profession and I am very much aware of the struggles and torment individuals can endure, however nothing can prepare you for the shock of losing someone so close to home. The tragic loss of Adam has opened my eyes to the extent of mental health difficulties and how such issues can often be masked. This highlights the importance of working together to increase awareness and reducing the stigma associated with mental health. Mental health is very common and 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year.

I am raising money to support Stockport Progress and Recovery Centre (SPARC), who work in al...more more

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Stockport Healthy Minds Staffdonation16-Jun-2016£30.00£7.50
Liz Cartydonation04-Jun-2016£10.00£2.50Such a good cause
Michael Rory Hattenschwielerdonation02-Jun-2016£10.00Many luck for you
Kittykatdonation29-May-2016£5.00£1.25good luck baby g
Mel & Jakedonation28-May-2016£10.00£2.50Good luck Abby!!! Can't wait to see you at the finish line!!
Daddonation28-May-2016£25.00I'm missing a car boot to see you finish xx
Kimdonation27-May-2016£15.00£3.75Go Abby, you'll be great!
Anonymousdonation26-May-2016£5.00£1.25GOOD LUCK ABBY, EMMA AND NATALIE!!!
Sue Jacksondonation26-May-2016£5.00£1.25Good Luck Abby! x
Lynn Barrettdonation25-May-2016£25.00£6.25Go girl you make me proud.
Milly Bradleydonation25-May-2016£20.00£5.00Run Abby Run!!!
Heatherdonation15-May-2016£20.00£5.00Good luck Abby! You will be fab!
Uncle Glenndonation13-May-2016£100.00£25.00well done Abi good luck. get Ethan to run, I'll donate again
Jackdonation11-May-2016£20.00£5.00Such a great cause. Good luck!
Janicedonation11-May-2016£5.00£1.25Good luck
Auntie Fionadonation10-May-2016£25.00£6.25Good for you Abi. A very worthwhile cause. Best of luck!
Paul Ledgerdonation10-May-2016£10.00£2.50Good Luck
Auntie Janetdonation07-May-2016£10.00£2.50Hope it goes well x
karen whitfielddonation07-May-2016£20.00£5.00Best of luck
Angeladonation07-May-2016£15.00£3.75Well done, Abby.
Mumdonation07-May-2016£50.00£12.50You can do all things through Him who strengthens you
Chris Penneydonation05-May-2016£5.00
Oliver Gallagherdonation30-Apr-2016£25.00Brammers would be proud !
Emmadonation30-Apr-2016£10.00£2.50Thank you xx you will do great x

My fundraising page is raising money for SPARC - Stockport Progress & Recovery Centre

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Stockport Progress and Recovery Centre (formerly Stockport Day Centre) is a local voluntary organi...more

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