Animal Connexions

Target: £2,000.00



Start Date: 07-Feb-2018

End Date: 30-Apr-2018

Event Date: 22-Apr-2018

About my fundraising

We have 25 brave souls who have volunteered to throw themselves off a platform and zoom across the River Lagan on a zipline. Please support us by sponsoring them. IN THE COMMENTS SECTION PLEASE STATE IF YOUR DONATION IS A GENERAL DONATION FOR FOR A PARTICULAR VOLUNTEER. Thank you in advance for your donations and support

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Ann Chambersdonation17-Feb-2018£5.00Hold on tight Monica! Don't let go!!
Tanya Chambersdonation17-Feb-2018£10.00£2.50Good Luck Tiny Tears Monica! Pack a spare pair of pants
Helen Patiencedonation15-Feb-2018£10.00£2.50Love Bitsy
AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.00Every search raises money
Carolyn McKinleydonation14-Feb-2018£10.00Good luck
AnonymousEveryclick Search£0.00Every search raises money
Caroline Burnsdonation13-Feb-2018£5.00Good Luck Cuz
Seamas Ddonation09-Feb-2018£5.00£1.25
Veronica Lenaghandonation08-Feb-2018£10.00£2.50GO MONICA!!!! :-P
Rosemary Hastingsdonation07-Feb-2018£25.00Good luck Monica - you're a better doll than me! x
Allisondonation07-Feb-2018£25.00£6.25I am donating for my hubby David maguire
Kathy Greendonation07-Feb-2018£25.00£6.25Go Grover xx
Lexi & Izzydonation07-Feb-2018£20.00£5.00GO GROVER!!!!!
Gary Parkerdonation07-Feb-2018£5.00£1.25Lynne Wylie
Sandra houstondonation07-Feb-2018£5.00U can do it tracy. Very worthy cause
Pauline Mcguigandonation07-Feb-2018£10.00Good Luck Carmel x
Joanne Bodendonation07-Feb-2018£5.00£1.25Go Laura and team! Good luck!
Kirsty Robertsondonation07-Feb-2018£5.00You go girl
Clare Hagandonation07-Feb-2018£10.00£2.50Good luck Carmel
Wendy Blairdonation07-Feb-2018£20.00£5.00Karen McVeigh
Cathy Watsondonation07-Feb-2018£10.00£
Pets Lost &Found Northern Irelanddonation07-Feb-2018£20.00Monica McDonald I want a video of this
Michaela straneydonation07-Feb-2018£10.00
Hayley Doakdonation07-Feb-2018£25.00Good luck Karen x
Aliciadonation07-Feb-2018£5.00Good lick all. Small donation in memory of sandy 💛
HelenMegrathdonation07-Feb-2018£20.00£5.00For Tracy Wilson
Nicola lawdonation07-Feb-2018£5.00Good luck Tracy Wilson and everyone else taking part
The Elwood?sdonation07-Feb-2018£10.00Good Luck Tracy xx
Davy Grahamdonation07-Feb-2018£5.00£1.25best of luck tracy

My fundraising page is raising money for Animal Connexions

About this charity

Small Registered Animal Charity.Strict 'no-kill' policy run entirely by dedicated & committed volu...more

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  • Lisa Mcbratney

    Animal connections zipline

    On the 22nd of April I will be whizzing across the Lagon (or be pushed lol) either way I will definitely be scared stiff but the thought of all the m

    Target: £500.00 Progress: £1,100.00
  • Susan Calderwood

    Sooz takes the plunge!

    So as everyone who knows me is aware, I'm scared of heights... and water... and my own shadow! But you know what, I'm braving something I'm scared o

    Target: £300.00 Progress: £60.00
  • Fionnuala Mahood

    Zipline across the River Lagan

    Hi Everyone I am taking part in a Zipline across the river lagan to raise much needed funds for Animals Connexions. this is a fantastic charity made

    Target: £150.00 Progress: £55.00

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