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About my fundraising

I rode Northern Rock Cyclone on 13th June 2009 to raise funds for Leukaemia Research.

Leukaemia Research is the only charity in the UK dedicated exclusively to researching blood cancers and disorders including leukaemia, Hodgkins and other lymphomas, and myeloma.

I've chosen to raise funds for this charity as lymphoma is a disease that has had an impact on my life in recent years. This ride is my way of raising funds for research into blood-related cancers, and to raise awareness of the work that this charity does.

I'm riding in remembrance of my father-in-law Ronnie, and in celebration of my friends Gen and Gillian. More details about the event are available at: http://www.northernrockcyclone.co.uk/

Thanks for looking, and please consider supporting this cause.



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Anonymousdonation06-Jul-2009£5.00Well Done (JW Pledge)
Anonymousdonation06-Jul-2009£50.00£14.00Well done
Jen Rdonation25-Jun-2009£10.00£2.80
Jan Gifforddonation25-Jun-2009£5.00£1.40
Kerrydonation19-Jun-2009£10.00Keep it up!
Richard Telforddonation19-Jun-2009£20.00£5.60Nice one Lee, best of luck.
'er Indoorsdonation17-Jun-2009£10.00£2.80Well done - proud of you
Anonymousdonation17-Jun-2009£20.00£5.60Well Done
Studonation17-Jun-2009£10.00Well Done
Anonymousdonation16-Jun-2009£10.00£2.80An extra tenner for good measure
Anonymousdonation16-Jun-2009£23.00£6.44Phew - made it!
Helen Bradforddonation15-Jun-2009£10.00£2.80Well done on completing it-rather you than me!
Rebeccadonation15-Jun-2009£20.00£5.60Well done!!
Janice and Clivedonation14-Jun-2009£30.00£8.40Well Done
Loispledge ** £10.00Best of Luck - Have a great day!
Shelly Smithdonation12-Jun-2009£10.00£2.80Will you stop nagging now???
Beverley Linsleydonation12-Jun-2009£10.00£2.80ride like the wind!
Brian Mellondonation11-Jun-2009£50.00£14.00Have fun !!!
Helen Highleydonation10-Jun-2009£10.00£2.80Good luck Lee!
Clairdonation09-Jun-2009£10.00£2.80Make sure you've got a soft saddle!!
Anonymousdonation09-Jun-2009£12.00£3.36MR and CM conts
Kelly Fairbairndonation09-Jun-2009£10.00£2.80Good Luck Lee!!
Emma Hutchinsondonation03-Jun-2009£10.00£2.80good luck Lee
Carl Christerpledge ** £5.00Best of Luck Lee!!
Anonymousdonation01-Jun-2009£13.00Cash conts from WeH and CR
Gilespledge ** £15.00Take plenty of bananas!!!
Kathy Devlindonation27-May-2009£5.00Good luck!
Susan McFarlanepledge ** £30.00Hi Lee, As discussed I will give this as a charity cheque.
Doc Mdonation26-May-2009£10.00£2.80Make sure you know where your towel is.

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Leukaemia & Lymphoma ResearchLeukaemia & Lymphoma Research
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Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research is the only UK charity solely dedicated to research into blood cance...more

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