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Collect online sponsorship and invite friends, family and colleagues to 'Give as you Live' to support your cause.

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  1. How to build your pageAs a signed up Everyclick user you can select a charity to support. You can choose from any one of the 200,000 UK charities. Write a message, set a target, add a photo or a video and include Blog and Twitter feeds if you wish. That's it. Your page is ready to go.
  2. Share your pageYou can choose a unique url ( once you have built your page. You need to send this to your friends, family and colleagues and invite them to support you. They can donate by credit or debit card and by Give as you Live.
  3. Leave the rest to usWe process all donations and manage all Give as you Live transactions. You can see who is fundraising for you on your page. We collect the Gift Aid on all qualifying donations and make monthly payments to your selected charity having deducted our fee.

Note: Fundraising pages are not to be used for the purchasing of raffle or lottery tickets. The fundraising page is wholly for the use of people making charitable donations.

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